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April 12, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* all congratulations and best wishes to Ted and Paula Adams.

image* Paul Gravett talks in multiple parts to Paul B. Rainey.

* Alex Abad-Santos picks 50 comic books that explains where comics are today. Only 33 of 50 are superhero books, which is a really good ratio for these kinds of things.

* look at this Kevin Cannon map; woof.

* here are some fun images: the Love & Rockets Locas poster and some Howard Chaykin 1970s sci-fi art. Katie Skelly draws a faux Us Weekly cover, at least I hope that's not real. I had that L&R poster my senior year college, really the only place I've ever lived that encouraged posters. I'd get the occasional question.

* these Pete Poplaski covers for some IDW superhero collections are a lot of fun, too.

* Chris Marshall on Star Trek Vol. 9.

* finally, did I mention this bit of good news for Roman Muradov and those in Chicago that get to learn things from Roman Muradov? There's going to be a bunch of these in five years, twice the number we have now.
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