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April 14, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I did not know there was an exhibit in Chicago for The Three Escapes Of Hannah Arendt.

image* this book from Abrams seems to me way more interesting to comics all by itself than that pile of dreadful-sounding garbage foisted on the world via last week's movie convention whatever that was. Comics have been better than film for a long time now, we own the 21st Century, and I hope the new few panels of forthcoming comics announcements at comics shows are covered by comics sites in something approaching that breathless manner.

* Jevon Phillips on Mera.

* Gene Luen Yang seems like a very hard worker at his public discourse on behalf of comics job. I can't even imagine being that age and have an articulate, smart, talented cartoonist come speak at my school back when I was that age.

* finally: Lynn Neary talks to Cathy Guisewite on her new book of prose essays. Sloane Leong talks to Rebecca Roher.
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