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April 16, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* friends of the late Kristiina Kolehmainen are being asked to consider drawing a portrait.

image* bad guys like Yoyo Martin work according to the shaving-on-film principle. We may not know what it's like to be disemboweled by a demon, but it's pretty easy to imagine being cracked on the head by a yo-yo.

* Dustin Harbin has reprinted his Doug Wright Awards cartoons and has paired them with a long essay on how to fix the Eisners. I like Harbin and I like that he's suggesting how to fix something -- that should never be discouraged -- but I have to say I didn't agree with a lot of what he said, and I say this as someone who has written about how the Eisners might improved in many of the same areas. Harbin loses me a bit when he changes some of the foundational aspects of the award, like the open voting. I think that at a certain point if you monkey with an award's DNA you end up with a completely different awards program bearing the same name. I say that even though I'd likely benefit from Harbin's version going double on judges panels. I also have to say that Harbin loses me pretty much entirely by criticizing a political stance Jackie Estrada took and openly suggesting this might disqualify her from the awards. Don't get me wrong: I thought Frank Miller's anti-OWS screed was insanely stupid. But barring the support of the absolutely inhumane or downright aberrant, the idea of making the administration of a comics awards program in any way dependent on a political litmus test, of even the casual "this stance makes me question this person's role" variety, makes me ill.

* Alan Moore: Greatest Living Englishman.

* not comics: I never know what to do with PR e-mail of the "this is our thing and it's awesome and you should go consume it and write about it" variety, mostly because I live in craven fear of new things, but apparently this link will take you to some sort of free download thing from iTunes featuring Ezra Claytan Daniels art. It may instead suck out your entire hard drive through a tiny hole and shoot it out onto the street, I couldn't tell you.

* missed it: IDW's Dirk Wood receives a promotion.

* comics are being employed in Malaysia to potential sway elections.

* Nick Gazin reviews a bunch of stuff. Rob Clough on some mini-comics. Greg McElhatton on Fracture Of The Universal Boy and Alabaster: Wolves #1. Don MacPherson on America's Got Powers #1. Sean Gaffney on A Devil And Her Love Song Vol. 2. Grant Goggans on Nuts. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Cleveland and The Sigh. Johanna Draper Carlson on Courtney Crumrin #1 and Resident Alien #0. Tilah Parker on Other Lives. Samantha Tadros on Habibi. Nathan Puchalski on V For Vendetta. Kristen Menapace on Ghost Of Hoppers. Richard Bruton on Big Questions.

* not comics: hey, that sounds pretty good.

* Bob Temuka looks at the re-coloring in the new, collected edition of Flex Mentallo.

* not comics: Michael Vassallo visits a pulp art exhibit.

* finally: go, bookmark: new Wally Wood estate site.
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