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April 15, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's a guide to DC's Convergence... it didn't help me understand things, but it might help you.

image* Rob Clough on recent works by Noah Van Sciver.

* I always enjoy when Bully goes deep on a specific, comics-related subject.

* here's a list of dumb superhero comic deaths.

* here's a list of greatest Daredevil stories as that characters remains in a prominent spot after its successful TV show premiere on Netflix. I think that's the superhero character with the highest number of readable stories, maybe by a wide margin. It's hard to imagine there are 11 stories better than the 12th selection, a prime piece of Marvel heyday melodrama.

* as discouraging as comics culture can be sometimes, it's worth reminding that most people make comics out of a deep need for the accomplishment and connectivity that making provides. Christopher Sebela's account of putting his High Crimes work out there is a story that can serve as that reminder.

* James Kaplan on Space Riders #1. David Press on Zero Vol. 1.

* finally, you can buy one of the deluxe editions of the documentary Stripped! for a very nice price, as the movie celebrates its first anniversary.
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