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April 17, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* David Brothers once again takes the lead on the Before Watchmen issue, laying into Newsarama for one of its interviewers basically declaring that we're all past whatever controversy existed. I don't think that's true, of course, I think this is potentially something on which people will reflect for years and years. I'm not surprised by that rhetorical tactic seeing the light of day, though.

* it's fine to talk about Before Watchmen and everything, but let me suggest that equal attention should be paid to buying this cool-looking Conan poster from Spain Rodriguez.

image* Andy Burns talks to Caitlin R. Kiernan, Team Hoax Hunters and the great Peter Bagge. Tim O'Shea talks to Kevin Huizenga. Paul Gravett takes a look at Tom Gauld. Doug Dorr talks to Aaron Duran.

* Mr. Dustin Harbin of Charlotte, North Carolina has written a letter to this site about my objections to his suggestions for the Eisner Awards. You should read it out of fairness, and also to encourage more people to send me long letters.

* Dean Mullaney profiles Bob Montana.

* my favorite Bowie song.

* have you read the new collected Pogo? Because the writer Chris Mautner has notes. Pogo is one of the strips with which I struggle a bit in some odd ways so I'm always happy to see someone engaged with that work so I can look over their shoulder.

* I'm not sure what the hell this is or how it ended up sitting there in one of my extra browser tabs, but I'll look at anything with the fun art right up front.

* that is one damn handsome wall display.

* our pal Chris Pitzer has TCAF fever, and he doesn't want to know about a cure.

* Douglas Wolk on a bunch of stuff. Sean T. Collins on q v i e t. Bob Temuka on 2000AD. Andrew Shuping on Cats Are Weird. Greg McElhatton on Liar's Kiss. Don MacPherson on Secret #1. John Kane on Terra Obscura. Sean Gaffney on A Devil And Her Love Song Vol. 2 and Excel Saga Vol. 23. Sean Kleefeld on Marrowbones. Nina Stone on Secret Service #1. Johanna Draper Carlson on Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest and a bunch of kids' books. Samantha Tadros on Habibi. Rick Klaw on various comics.

* finally, on superheroes as celebrities and/or consultants.
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