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April 18, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Snotgirl Vol. 1.

* RJ Casey talks to Carel Moiseiwitsch, one of the stronger visual imaginations working in the 1990s. Her best-known work might have been that done in conjunction with Denny Eichhorn, but the earlier material for a variety of late-underground publications feels more important in retrospect.

* this review of an installment -- and thus generally -- of Oh Joy, Sex Toy brings up some interesting questions about how far a critic should go in suggesting a work be another kind of work entirely.

* not comics: congratulations to Dan Gearino, who will be releasing a book about the comics direct market later this year or early next.

* finally, I always liked Frank Robbins' version of the 30-years-older Peggy Carter -- I liked the way he drew women in general. I mention this because in random tweeting I found out that this was not the opinion of everyone. There a million ways to read a comic book.
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