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April 21, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* now would be an excellent time to contribute to Cartoon Art Museum capital campaign.

image* in a Brian Bendis-written X-Men story coming out today, the Bobby Drake character comes out as gay. From a brief spin around the Internet it looks like one potential objection is that bisexuality gets dismissed in the course of a possible explanation for why the character has a history of dating women. There's also some clumsiness around the idea that failing at a hetero relationship is a sign one is gay, which isn't necessarily the case from any direction you'd care to take that on. This is a time-traveled version of the character, which might put the idea more in the realm of commentary on the fluidity of sexual attraction. It's very nice a high-profile character like Bobby Drake is a gay man in that very straight universe. There's a very talented gay writer named Robert Drake, if you didn't know.

* crap, I missed Ambush Bug's birthday again.

* I wish George Pratt visited my school.

* Scott Cederlund on Frontier #7. Josh Kopin on a bunch of new comics. Shawn Starr on a bunch of comics picked up at RIPExpo. Here's an earlier companion piece to that last recommended article.

* finally, here's a preview for that forthcoming Michael DeForge show in Ottawa.
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