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April 21, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* bundled extra: Bob Levin will someday soon write about Edward Gorey -- at least an introduction's worth.

* I know how Hollywood works enough to know I shouldn't even think this stuff is worth noting because it's inevitable, but I'm tired of Success Of Marvel articles the don't mention the comic book creators, primarily Jack Kirby. They didn't even provide names to the creators that drew Nick Fury as Samuel L. Jackson, an act of creation they deem important enough to single out. It is quite the achievement that Marvel's team turned some of those movies into franchises, but they wouldn't have been movies without being comics first. If I had to replicate one of those achievements to gain entry into heaven, I wouldn't have chosen Jack's. The idea that Marvel turned a bunch of lousy leads into real estate gold has been overstated. If Kevin Feige was talking to pop culture observers that somehow thought Billionaire in A Robot Suit helmed by Hollywood's most desired "we-want-this-guy-to-have-a hit" actors of the moment was a dog, he was talking to all the stupid ones and ignoring a bunch of those I kept running into that thought this pretty difficult to fuck up. That big a movie, maybe not, but some sort of jaw-dropping reversal of severe risk? Come on.

* it sounds like Graeme McMillan found that "we're going to make you the new Marvel or at least the next Netflix deal" article from a while back as dumb to the point of dishonesty as I did. That was so cynical and awful I had to sleep on a pile of NYRC books for three days just to stop barfing.

* finally: here's a nice story from that nice man Steve Duin about a nice-sounding comics store. Let's all sell the things we love.
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