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April 23, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Dominic Umile profiles Box Brown.

* we're all still following Prairie Pothole, right? I don't all the way have sense of it yet. I'm definitely sticking around, though.

* here's a trailer for Comic Shop Country. I'm as happy to use a comic shop measurement of this great nation as I am anything else.

* with TCAF right around the corner, most of the Spring line form Conundrum Press is about to go live. We should also see this Joey Weiser cover out there soon.

* I liked this poster.

* this situation isn't the same as what might be happening in comics at any one time, but the idea of a middle-person making more money than creative certainly is, and it's one to which I'm sympathetic.

* finally: sometimes I lose track of links but it can't ever hurt to look at an Anya Davidson comic.
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