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April 24, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Buzz Dixon on Mary Wept Over The Feet Of Jesus. Buzz is one of the comics industry's best-known members of the Christian faith.

* not comics: this kind of thing will always be terrible, and will always be.

* this post is in praise of a sequence in a brand-new comic book series Superman: American Alien but as an older man I read it not as a statement about canon but of one about the character's history, and expected an article about the character in the 1940s. The language used to talk about these properties can be really interesting, particularly in how their narrative realities are presented. Here's one that is more about history than canonical narrative, but Marvel has never done the full reboot thing.

* I don't know that I'd seen a photo of Mike Lynch before. Hi, Mike.

* another foundational blogger named Mike, Mike Sterling, has a post up about how social media has changed his life as a retailer. I hadn't given that any thought before now as I'm not even 100 percent clear how social media has changed my own job, so it's nice to hear those thoughts.

* it's nice to see that the Jessica Jones TV adaptation won a Peabody. I didn't always like the way the show's narrative was constructed, but there was a lot that was tremendously admirable in its acting and in the scene-to-scene writing.

* I can't really tell what going on here -- it seems to me they've added convention center square footage but connected to the football stadium rather than the building as it how exists.

* finally, Erica Henderson draws Dagger in a sweater.
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