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April 25, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* assembled extra: congrats to Evan Dahm on 1000 pages of Vattu.

image* by request extra: I was honored to be a part of a successful crowd-funding campaign organized in part by that great friend of comics Caitlin McGurk to bury the late cartoonist Barbara Shermund with her family. Shermund was a unique talent and an important cartoonist in capturing an element of the experience of women in comics form in the 20th Century. The campaign started with McGurk's excellent work in curation of a show at the Billy Ireland, a show that may get to travel a little bit. There were lot of great cartoonists and generous souls that donated to that campaign. I hope that future campaigns of this type exploded out of the great and raise their needed amounts in 24-, 36-hour bursts of appreciation and pride. I believe that the future of comics is care for cartoonists, and a humane standard for a foundation of that care is the community burying its dead. Kudos to McGurk and her team.

* finally, some not comics: I never thought about this very much, but I suppose that some folks process things like the manufactured narrative moment when Robin was murdered by Joker as something that happened with an actual human-type story element involved rather than a phone-in contest at its center. Stories read by kids can be tough that way, even before the demands and relentless serials and their ability to go to absurd lengths to keep the string of events constantly moving forward. I think it's that the stories do both at the same time that I find most interesting.
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