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April 30, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Charles Brownstein remembers Cory Marder.

image* For some reason I have bookmarked this article on 10 "harmful" novels for aspiring writers to copy. My apologies to whomever provided the link initially, because I don't remember who that was. The stuff I read through aspiring writers tends to be Harper Lee and/or one of those mystery-writer ladies of the kind that pen barely-concealed Mary Sue characters that are constantly being awesome all the time, although I suppose I read my fair share of Kerouac pastiches among my friends' work 15-20 years ago. The two works I wanted to write for myself when I was much younger were Tristessa and a prose version of "Bullnecks and Bracelets." The obvious place to go with this would be the cartoonists that are bad for young cartoonists on which to get hung up, although I would assume this would also be a list of awesome cartoonists, like Robert Crumb and Jack Kirby.

* some nice person on Psychiatric Tales. Kim Deitch on Harvey Pekar's Cleveland. The team of Tucker Stone, Jog and Abhay Khosla Three Stooges an entire bar of costumed people. Rob Clough on Hilda And The Costumed Giant.

* the secret heart of comics, Frank Santoro, moves from home to home across America.

* Alex Dueben talks to Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir and Emma Vieceli. Steve Jansen profiles Ted Closson. Gavin Lees talks to James Stokoe.

* not comics: Paul Di Filippo sent along this link to some nice old bicycle posters.

* not comics: Joel Meadows gave me a heads-up on his review of the Avengers movie. I haven't read it yet, and I'm not going to run a bunch of these, but Joel was at one point my go-to guy for learning about things in high-end genre comics. I note that Bob Temuka among the writers I regularly read has also done an advance review. It seems silly to me that one of the assistants to one of the actors that plays one of the characters in the film may in the next couple of weeks be treated with greater solicitousness at a string of these movie events than certain creators of massive chunks of what is delighting people onscreen were treated in their lifetimes. Are treated. I know that probably sounds moral and judgmental and deeply tragic and wounded, but I really am just mostly struck these days by the goofy, willful churlishness of it. We should be nicer.

* finally, Mark Smylie writes about going to a film-oriented convention in Dubai.
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