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April 29, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* by request extra: Paul Karasik has started a Patreon.

* Henry Barajas requests your presence in the same virtual space as this latest comic about his grandfather's story.

* there were some problematic elements to some designs used by TK Ryan, but it was also one of those strips that seemed to streamline its art style and it moved forward, and looking back at the art style from the first few years reveals almost a completely different feature. These are pretty handsome.

* here's some Billy Mavreas on the Conundrum Press backlist. If it's new to you, it's a new comic.

* Brian Doherty writes about a split -- largely generational, but also by gender and race and ethnicity -- about the work of Robert Crumb.

* bundled extra: forgot that we'll see an issue of Pope Hats this month. I'm beginning to think that I was so oriented towards serial comics publication that I'm never going to get used to any system that puts books first.

* finally, some not comics: Tom Mason wrote in asking for attention to longtime genre writer and journalist Ed Naha.
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