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May 3, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Douglas Wolk, a comics critic and historian with a special interest in the 1970s Marvel comics important to the new Avengers movie, is answering questions on a Facebook thread here. That's not Douglas, but he also has nice hair.

* I'm confused as to why I wrote this and what point I was trying to make. I checked out of any direct concern for superhero characters of the corporate kind when I was about 19. I don't really care about characters in any genre. I probably need to get off of social media entirely.

* not comics: here's an overview-type article on what will eventually be George Lucas' narrative museum, turned out by Chicago and settled into Los Angeles. There will be comics art there.

* finally, here's a comics residency aimed at European cartoonists working in other European countries, if I have it right. If you're a cartoonist, I hope "residencies" is a folder on your desktop.
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