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May 14, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Steve Foxe talks to Brian Wood and Andrea Mutti. Pete Chianca talks to Mark Parisi. That was run as a feature story and is now presented as a feature interview, something I'm not sure why every newspaper fails to do on a regular basis. Alex Dueben talks to Gabrielle Bell.

* congratulations to the newly-graduated class of CCS'ers, and all of the comics-hopeful art school graduates this Spring. I bet Paul Karasik gave a pretty good commencement speech.

* Tim Hensley muses on the Eisner Award history of Buenaventura Press after the recent nomination of his formidable Sir Alfred No. 3. He has a little bit of a problem I think because Alvin Buenaventura's company existed in a space between a distributor and a publisher. The end result indicates no Eisner wins. Hensley's comic was my favorite of 2016, and is of a high-enough quality BP still has a chance.

* finally, Langridge inks Kirby.
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