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May 15, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Michael Buntag on a pair of superhero comics.

* I'd love to think this might have any effect at all on the use of the imagery in question, but I sort of doubt it. At some point, it bleeds out or is so far transformed it just isn't the same thing.

* Carol Hills talks to Guy Delisle.

* Maren Williams has a thorough write-up on progression in the Fahmi Reza case, which is horrifying in its details and a mix of horrifying encouraging in the broader issues coming to a head. The thing I hope we all begin to see about the assault on free speech is that there little to no "violation" felt in these actions, no upsetting of the status quo. It's all on the table now, including the direct suppression of people when they voice a political view not in line with the view held by folks with access to guns and control of the legal system.

* finally, a bit of not comics: Todd Klein on Cold Shoulder Road.
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