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May 16, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Paul Montgomery talks to Jeff Parker. This Julia Wright profile of Kate Beaton is a lot of fun. Angela Boyle talks to Noah Van Sciver and Tillie Walden.

* bindles are always funny.

* Mike Sterling has solid advice for those readers that like a cartoonist or two that won't produce in a way they can be easily followed.

* missed it: congratulations to the very well-liked Dan Evans on his promotion at DC Comics. I'm always a bit confused by how necessary it seems in general for these companies to have so much salary-wise and energy-wise tied up in management, but there's a reason I don't get to run giant publishing companies, and I certainly don't wonder that in terms of all the hard-working, great folks that have many of those gigs.

* finally, we have way better headlines now than we did when I was a kid.
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