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May 17, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Astro City #33. John Seven on Incomplete Works.

* not comics: this Kelley L. Carter profile of Marvel films producer Nate Moore is interesting for itself but also for the reminder that the men and women shaping those industries with a direct effect on comics have backgrounds and stories that are useful to know.

* Bully sums up the year 2016.

* some of my Facebook friends and I discussed Dave Sim and Cerebus yesterday, on the occasion of the cartoonist's 60th birthday. Charles Brownstein's reading is super-interesting, I think. Here's an essay holding forth in hugely positive fashion, with some caveats. I'd disagree strongly with some of the assertions made there.

* not comics: I know lots of people read articles like this movie analysis of interest in a Harley Quinn film -- I read this one! -- but the last two things in the world of interest to me is Marvel vs. DC on film and the idea of something that should be just something we do (in this case, have films with female protagonists) be justified by projecting the financials.

* finally: interested teens, kids and parents of same should note Gene Yang is doing workshops during his June visit to Columbus, Ohio.
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