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May 20, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Dueben talks to Tim Truman.

* not comics: if we're really going to play blockbuster jenga, the piece I'm avoiding is "Jack Kirby."

* not comics: this interview with longtime comics writer Mike Baron's prose publisher depresses the crap out of me with nearly every other word. Subjecting art to the political back and forth of the day diminishes art and politics. That book description where horrible tragedy is visited upon liberal celebrities so that conservatives can enjoy... I guess winning arguments with them? That just seems so sad to me. But as we may have a comics version sooner rather than later, it's worth our attention.

* I'm bookmarking this article to come back and read later so I can draw like Saul Steinberg.

* not comics: this article with obvious parallels to comics work-for-hire practices also depresses. Hard to believe that in the millions of dollars made there wasn't room for more money or a better outcome in some other way.

* finally: this story about Tom Beland doing a Black Panther comic-book cover strikes me as a little bit odd, as I haven't seen it at all and it's basically my job to see such things, but I like Beland and it's a sweet and important sentiment.
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