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May 20, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations and thank you to Lisa Hanawalt for this charitable poster/print sale. Also Katie Skelly did her part with a recent sale of her excellent tarot cards.

* I guess Ironjaw on Netflix isn't the most depressing thing I've ever heard, but it's kind of up there. If there's not a creator being rewarded, and the work itself is forgettable, I don't know why anyone should care. That seems like a grim business.

* this seems like a lot of labor to get at four runs of key comics.

* I can barely figure out why video and film efforts want video and film sequels in this crowded market, let alone a comic book one. Still, as poorly as many comics sell IU would imagine ever set of eyes on something is important. Also holy crap that movie was 15 years ago.

* finally: they keep talking about things related to the San Diego Con experience in San Diego, although I'm not keeping up with the article. It would be very nice if they could figure out transit from the airport and into town. If there were something similar to Seattle, that would be a huge boon for that show. It's amazing they're so successful given some of these longstanding structural handicaps.
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