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May 22, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Kirby on XTC69. Scott Vanderploeg on The Art Of The Simon And Kirby Studio.

* the "Who's Alan Moore?" part of this open letter is hilarious in a punch yourself into unconsciousness at the way art is treated kind of way. Which I guess is its intention, after a second read. Hm. If they had just waited another ten years people would have split with the material more fully and an adaptation wouldn't have seemed such a gold mine -- let alone multiple adaptations. I'm just going to be shitty and weird about this particular thing for the rest of my life, so apologies in advance. We've reached the point where I'm pretty sure people think they're improving on what for all its faults is a wholly realized expression of personal belief about art and politics. The idea of fixing art is always worthy of contempt. A potential Stoppardian take, even projected as good, doesn't seem to change the original, unnecessary treatment of the writer.

* Glenn McCoy is leaving the political cartooning part of his cartooning career.

* Carrie Wise profiles Terri Libensen.

* finally: Chris Schweizer extols the virtues of being nice in comics.
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