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May 29, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* good luck and godspeed to Benjamin Ismaïl of Reporters Without Borders, leaving the Asia-Pacific desk after several years of supportive duty.

image* Rob Clough on Days. Todd Klein on Shade The Changing Girl #6. Alex Hoffman on T. Joe Gordon on The Ether #1. Michael Buntag on Libby's Dad.

* not comics: I liked this piece on how to be a writer by Jacques Nyemb because it's pretty honest about the absolutely non-existent for entry, but still recognize the various stages you might go through in order to present yourself as hire-able by others.

* I like fan debates like this. A cool thing about the Thanos character is that he's an old-fashioned brawler in addition to being a cosmic threat. He's more like Attuma and Blastarr and other swollen thumbs of characters Marvel used a lot in its first 20 years, characters that like to smash things and bellow. That's an underrated part of the Marvel Universe, the giant creatures and men punching each other part. The original stories for which Darkseid was conceived seem much more interesting to me than anything Thanos has ever been featured in. And of course, one is derivative of the other, which still probably counts for something.

* that is indeed a fun, striking cover.

* finally, this Matti Hagelberg video is cool. I couldn't figure out how to embed it.
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