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June 1, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* retailing giant and some leaked physical space design plans scare the shit out of everybody. Okay, not really.

image* I enjoyed this Sean T. Collins review of the current Image flagship title Invincible, about as unlikely a creative success story as exists right now in comics. Collins' thinking matches my own for the most part, although I think that writer Robert Kirkman's choices force the title into confronting some time-worn superhero thematic tropes and the spin the book puts on those elements contributes greatly to the book hitting with its fans.

* the writer Peter David and the readers of his blog discuss appropriate icons for Garry Trudeau in depicting the President. Maybe they could find something from this.

* these blogging the Previews order catalog posts are a scream, but I'm not certain how many Chris Butcher can do and keep his sanity.

* an on-line broadside about the death of newspapers seems to get Daryl Cagle pissed off enough to write his most interesting best piece yet about the declining fortunes of editorial cartoonists. It's interesting because it's conflicted. I'm almost certain that the response will be to call bullshit on his statements about cartooning's popularity or to make a buggy whip joke, but those will come from people so entrenched in winning their side of the webcomics vs. print comics argument that they'll fail to see that in this case, Cagle's agreeing with them. And why wouldn't he? Although he's seen as a staunch defender of editorial cartooning in print, Cagle's also a more successful comics blogger and comics web host than just about anyone else in the history of either. When he defends print, he's defending the structural aspects that affords people jobs and stability, not the reach or the hits -- it's the latter by which we know who Cagle is at all. The fact that an argument can have multiple sides always comes as a shock to those who like to make withering, summary statements, but it's frequently the case, and I think it is here.

* not comics: defending Wonder Woman's movie viability honor. I was at least a little bit kidding the whole thread, as you'd need an electron microscope to measure how little I care about whether or not X, Y, or Z superhero would make a movie people would want to see. At the same time, it seems like you can make a pretty good movie out of most things if you find the right approach and it's odd to hear people so invested in suggesting otherwise.

* finally, Rich Johnston's Bleeding Cool launches today.
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