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May 31, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* one of the problems when you charge for attendance at your comics show is you have to police who qualifies for press and pro badges and at some point you get that wrong, like NYCC here.

image* Tegan O'Neil on Love & Rockets #5. Todd Klein on Shade The Changing Woman #3. Sean Gaffney on A Certain Magical Index Vol. 15. Caitlin Rosberg on Walk Through Hell. Alex Hoffman on Life Can (Not) Exist Here. Robin Enrico on Caligula.

* I always enjoy Evan Dorkin's color sketches.

* congratulations to Charles Hatfield on his completions of presidential duties as a driving force of the Comics Studies Society, and congrats to that group for having Carol Tilley take over. That's a major post that deserves to be read all the way through for the new officers and their first slate of awards winners.

* Michael Dooley spends a lot of time with Black Comix Returns.

* finally: Ben Towle goes to New York and looks at bookstores and museum exhibits in a way that we all benefit.
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