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June 2, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer James Vance gets a bit deeper into his experiences with the massive, crumbling, Miyazaki-style monster that was 1990s licensed-property pusher Tekno Comix.

* the other half of Chris Butcher's look at the monthly Direct Market ordering catalog Previews, which was fun enough I forgot I don't link to half-articles.

* not comics: the great site Barnacle Press explains that forthcoming Comic Strip Serenade coming up this weekend. Sounds cool.

image* I don't remember where I got the link, and I had to have found it somewhere because sure didn't find it on my own, but I sure enjoyed reading this George DiCaprio-written underground-era comic.

* the writer and longtime on-line comics industry commentator Warren Ellis debuts his new column at BleedingCool.

* the thing I think of when I see today's reviewers discussing Howard the Duck's initial appearance are 1) whoa, that was a cool character right out of the gate, partly for reasons they get into there and 2) we were so divorced from the history of comics at that era, with no idea of its general continuities, that a duck character like Howard reminded us of the Disney duck comics but only in the vaguest sense possible. I'm not sure how to communicate that idea, but it would be a very different debut now, just because comics readers are generally more cognizant of that corner of comics history. Crap, I'm still not sure that makes sense.

* the writer and Comic-Con International mainstay Mark Evanier notes that show's sell-out.

* I can't see this cartoon on abortion by Gary McCoy, and I'm not sure I want to, but it's so rare that a cartoonist tackles that subject I thought I'd point it out.

* happy birthday, Mallard Fillmore!

* not comics: I thought that Up! movie was about 78 times better than Wall-E. It's not a great-great movie, I don't think, not if you've had a lifetime to see your share of great movies, but it's one of those nicely-made mainstream entertainments where you realize that all films could and maybe should function on that slightly higher, craft-conscious plane. If I were a kid, this would probably be one of the films I'd later remember having seen as a kid, if that makes any sense. Bonus: Christopher Plummer without having to fly to New York.

* finally, the prominent comics blogger Johnny Bacardi has the Ted White Castle of Frankenstein interview of Stan Lee up at his site. It's a good piece with Lee, probably the best of the 1960s fanzine interviews and it may be one of the five best, period. White was an interesting industry figure, one of the first (I think) of that generation of fanzine guys turned pros.
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