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June 3, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I haven't yet seen a lot of interviews with Chris Onstad.

image* not comics: I really hope it's true that Darryl Cunningham is going to do a set of cards you can purchase, because he's sent me mock-ups and I love them.

* the idea of the day at the New York Times comes from Jeet Heer.

* not comics: I think we did this once in Five For Friday as a joke. Who knew?

* the cartoonist and educator James Sturm and fellow comics blogger Heidi MacDonald react to my recent pieces on the Masters of American Comics show inspired by Sturm's mention of it in an essay/slideshow on the great Virginia Lee Burton. It always sounds like this huge raging battle when these things go on for a couple of days, and usually suggests that we're all pulling our hair out in big clumps and screaming at each other about this stuff Albert Finney-style, so I feel bad for James. I just didn't think his essay was convincing and his use of the Masters exhibit as an example brought to mind something I didn't like about the way that show is occasionally criticized. That's all. No big thing.

* missed it: Charles Yoakum notes that the Herge Museum opening was a PR disaster. I had been posting to the French-language links in a very superficial manner, and had missed out on the cock-up aspects of the affair.

* Neil Schwartz sent out an e-mail this morning that he's leaving Dabel Brothers, and that future media relations might be shared by Rich Young and/or Derek Ruiz.

* not comics: sometimes I wish my life were a whimsical movie so things like the nine foot tall statue of Dick Tracy going up in Naperville would suddenly come to life and start fighting crime.

* finally, you ever think how much it would suck to get it right in the face and upper torso with Captain America's shield? It's basically getting clobbered with a giant, metal frisbee. I don't want to get pulped by Thor's hammer or have the Hulk pull my arms off, either, but there's something about that shield catching you right in your upper one-third that seems uniquely horrible to me.
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