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June 2, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Carol Tilley is looking for work. Hell, I'd offer her a job if I had the money and a position worthy of her time.

image* Tom Murphy on Blackbird. Priscilla Frank on Wimmen's Comix. Various writers at The Beat explore the first burst of comics in DC's Rebirth initiative. Rob Clough on Between The Billboards. Todd Klein on Future Quest #1. Sean Gaffney on Strike The Blood Vol. 3.

* not comics: I have about as much use for a Pokemon podcast as I have for an extra asscheek, but look at these presentable young people. When I was a wee nerd, we had one guy that talked to us about stuff we liked, he lived in the back room of the bookstore, and he smelled like circus peanuts.

* Zach Budgor profiles Katie Skelly.

* never seen these before: Yves Chaland draws Spider-Man and the Hulk.

* festivals extra: I enjoyed reading the Exhibitor/Artist Alley exhibitor application offered by ECCC. That's a very successful show. I'd like to go back, and with no Linework NW in 2017, I bet I go back next year.

* finally, what a great-looking page.
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