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June 2, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Nancy Powell talks to AJ Dungo.

* it only had 1/1000th the Fantagraphics-related notoriety of the Ballard House, but this Capitol Hill home on 16th Ave E, a block from the Canterbury, housed at various times Greg Zura, Kevin Scalzo, me, Rich Tommaso and a few others for short durations. Walking distance to Jason Lutes, Brian Sendelbach, Evan Sult, Ellen Forney and Greg Stump at one apartment of theirs or another. It was three apartments, one per floor. Imagine these photos with terrible looking furniture and my original TK Ryan on one of the walls and you about have it. It cleans up very nice and I hope its one-home owners of tomorrow have a blast living there. (noticed in the wild by Mr. Zura)

* got word through my other job that Sam Sharpe will be appearing at CXC with the Radiator Comics crew and suddenly I'm beginning to wonder if my flippant joke the other day that the 2010s in comics has a big element of forgetting cartoonists you liked in the previous decade was onto something. I look forward to catching up.

* finally, this is cute.
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