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June 4, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* not comics: if I'm reading this, this and I believe this correctly, one of comics' first families had an interesting and perhaps even scary evening. I'm sorry that had to happen to anyone, let alone people I like very much. Yikes. I don't think this is part of the conspiracy to convince every comics person to move to the more mellow Pacific Northwest, but I'm not ruling it out, either.

image* the great Keith Knight fixes the NCS Annual Convention. (via Gary Tyrrell)

* the former artist/writer turned mostly writer Mark Schultz talks about Al Williamson.

* in I've wasted my life news, the Wendy Pini birthday greeting below is this site's 20,000th post.

* this otherwise typical "we're launching a new comic strip and let's meet the author" interview with Signe Wilkinson has an odd and thus noteworthy exchange where the esteemed editorial cartoonist is asked for her parenting award qualifications. Her answer made me laugh.

* the writer Steven Grant dissects the cancellation of Captain Britain and MI-13.

* not comics: Heidi MacDonald caught a news piece that noted plans for expansion of the San Diego convention center, home to Comic-Con International. Seeing as the show is sold out two months in advance, more space and therefore potentially more show would I imagine be good news. The key would be whether or not any such plans would be spiked by the horrendous Californian economy or, perhaps even, considered too vital to the downtown's continued viability as a convention destination not to kill. I figure this ends with my being in my 60s, finding out I'm supposed to be on a panel with Matt Brady, Conrad Groth, two robots and Rich Johnston's clone about the rise of virtual reality comics news, looking at the map to find that it's 7 miles away, and then me crying.

* finally, the noted writer-about-manga (and other comics, too) Brigid Alverson debuts a column at CBR's Robot 6.
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