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June 4, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I've been trying to stay away from criticizing creators in my analysis of various creators rights issues out there right now. I think in many cases that creators can act honorably while corporations act in a less-than-honorable fashion. I think in many other cases creators do what they need to do to survive and that companies do what people direct them to do in order to profit, and I'm wary of making easy equivalencies between those two motives by placing them on the same continuum. I also think we tend to be vastly under-informed when it comes to why people make decisions as compared to what motivates corporations in terms of the meaningful factors involved -- like how much information a company might have or a creator might have when doing something. Anyway, answer number 3 in my Five For Friday yesterday could definitely be interpreted as a sideways shot at a few creators, and I regret that. It was meant as a shot at DC editorial as a honest broker for and caretaker of ideas, within the context of their dubious history with Alan Moore. Nothing more than that. I apologize.

image* Adrian, Dwight and Swain at Sidebar talk to Jaime Hernandez back in 2011.

* Chris Sims wins the comics Internet.

* not comics: you know that thing that happened to newspapers, where there was a long chipping-away at the way that model of presenting news and information worked, followed by a sudden and terrifying collapse of ad revenue? Okay, that might happen to TV now.

* Tucker Stone on a lot of different comic books. Frank Santoro on comics from new talent. Nicole Rudick on Are You My Mother? Rob Clough on a bunch of international small-press comics and Salvatore Vol. 2. Bob Temuka on My Friend Dahmer. Andrew Shuping on Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love. Greg McElhatton on Judge Bao & The Jade Phoenix. Don MacPherson on various Eisner nominees and The Ravagers #1. Brian Hibbs on a bunch of comics. Sean Kleefeld on Crogan's Loyalty. J. Caleb Mozzocco on the improbably-named Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs. New Ultimates: Death Of Spider-Man. Paul O'Brien on various X-Men-related titles.

image* hey, new Destructor.

* not comics: in praise of R. Stevens, businessman.

* as many wisecracks as I make about editorial cartoonists occasionally seeming to fall over themselves to get at an unserious issue with some easy shots it might provide, it would be unsporting of me not to link to Daryl Cagle rounding up some cartoons on a much tougher issue.

* Jen Vaughn is traveling across the country playing Jenny Totebagseed.

* I guessed "me," and was very sad to be wrong.

* one of the problems with using characters for so many years in so many stories -- soap opera, serial comic books -- is that they occasionally have life histories that encompass all sort of weird narrative dead-ends and false starts. Here's one.

* finally, Noah Berlatsky on Katana.
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