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June 4, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Andy Oliver on Local Angrej. Sharon Nadeem on Leaving Richard's Valley.

* look at all the words on that comics page! And yet those move as cinematically as any approach that's taken hold of mainstream comics since the early '80s.

* Ruman Alaam on the works of William Steig. I hope I live another half-generation to see all the work like Steig's subsumed under the umbrella term "comics."

* Joe Decie reminds that ELCAF is a great reason to see the Urasawa exhibit at the British Museum.

* finally: there's a thought in this retailing column about Free Comic Book Day that I see recur several times a year, that even the best promotions and flourishes done on behalf of comic book shops have a hard time driving business to core elements of that retail experience.
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