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June 5, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rachel Cooke profiles Nick Drnaso.

* by request extra: Aztec Ace was one of the well-liked titles of my genre-drift high school years, and Drew Ford's reprint line is going to do a major collection. They all come back.

* if you followed recent accusations aimed at cartoonist Brandon Graham regarding interactions with trans members of the comics community as well as behavior more generally towards women in a social setting, you might be interested that some weeks later he published an extremely angry and abusive comic he called a "diss track" aimed at those that drove the accusations, and that initial reviews on-line of said comic and Graham generally as a result were basically, "go fuck yourself." The irony at play is that by pushing back in anger in order to question the mostly veiled charges against him last month and how they were made, Graham has openly acted worthy of censure.

* by the way, you'll have to rely on your own google-fu to find the things mentioned in the last bullet point because even linking to this stuff, particularly Graham's comic, I feel like I'm enabling rather than enlightening. I bet the comic is gone by now. I do think that the narrative around Graham for younger cartoonists that are his professional peers has changed in a way it will bear tracking to see how any fallout develops. I also kind of feel, and this may be dumb, that we should maybe reset priorities and baseline expectations so that all comics shows aren't social events as much as professional events with a social element -- although try stepping in between those forces as they reach out for one another, damn the consequences. Is garage sale + key party really an improvement over garage sale + more garage sale as our primary direct interaction with the outside world? We are lucky not to catch something once a week.

* anyway, I have a lot more thinking to do about all of this. And some research: I'm told that those pathetic dorks that cluster under the comicsgate designation have taken to championing Graham, which is gross, but I haven't put my eyeballs on it yet. Every apology at my lack of speed.

* there is always cartoonist hate for whatever the new Olympic mascot might be.

* finally: Robert Nagler Miller profiles Nicole Hollander.
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