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June 5, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Everett Raymond Kinstler, RIP.

* not comics: my aunt, my grandma and my late uncle, circa 1958.

* Gary Tyrrell profiles a new store/client services offering hitting a lot of well-known webcomics creators and their work. I am all for those things that support the work of interesting cartoonists, even in partnership with creative efforts I have little interested in exploring.

* not comics: I enjoyed aspects of these now-canceled and mostly finished Marvel Netflix shows -- some of the acting, some of the use of violence, none of the ninjas -- but I never got the sense that after a certain point people I know had a propulsive desire to see them continue. Collectively, that was a bunch of TV episodes.

* finally: on the transformation of Magneto from a typically seething, dickish super-villain to a broody-man character of meaning and import. I have no thoughts about the end of the X-Men as a blockbuster movie staple. It was sure weird seeing that first one, although my editor hated my review he refused to shorten it for the synopsis section of The Stranger and wrote a synopsis from scratch.
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