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June 6, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Henry Chamberlain on Superman: American Alien #7.

* don't think I've ever seen this Charles Burns art before. Warning: nekkidness.

* not comics: I don't watch the Supergirl TV show, but I beg its producers to pay Jon Hamm 18 million dollars no matter how old he is and let him do the part full dickhead.

* over at Comic Riffs, Michael Cavna looks at a few of the editorial cartooning and related artistic tributes to the late Muhammad Ali.

* hey, John Martz has an Etsy Shop.

* the longtime retailer and occasional industry advocate Brian Hibbs makes the case that everyone, not just the big companies, should decide on a schedule for serial comics releases and stick to what they choose.

* that is another nice-looking cover by David Aja, particularly in terms of it popping amid a wall of standard mainstream covers.

* retailer and foundational blogger Mike Sterling walks through some common choices for Best Single Comic Book and makes with the commentary.

* Daryl Cagle throws a spotlight on the anti-Trump cartoons of Marian Kamensky.

* finally, this made me laugh.
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