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June 8, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the prominent comics blogger Alan Gardner has a nice write-up on the pledge by Jean Schulz to match up to $2.5 million in donations to the renovation of Sullivant Hall, the future home of the cartoon and comics holdings of Ohio State University. Schulz also donated $1 million outright.

* David Glanzer talks about the complete CCI sell-out and why doing so this far in advance isn't always their choice of ideal outcome, either.

image* for obvious reasons I don't write a lot about comics-related sales on eBay, and every single one of the usual caveats about this mention not being an endorsement of the item or sale apply because I clearly don't have the means to verify anything, but this original by Bill Mauldin is pretty gorgeous and seems modestly priced for what it appears to be.

* the artist and designer Paul Rivoche is teaching a comics-related class in Toronto starting July 4. I would think that Paul Rivoche would make a very good teacher.

* this is quite cool-looking, even though I'm coming to it late in comics blogging terms.

* not comics: here's one for off the beaten path: infrequent writer-about-comics Jessica Hopper has a new book out, a girls' guide to band membership, and the person providing the interior art is Anders Nilsen.

* Stephan Pastis harasses John Glynn.

* not comics: so apparently Dave Eggers is writing reassuring letters to people worried about the future of print. It looks like the letter asserts that the future of print is in the unique qualities of print, not necessarily taking everything on-line.

image* the FPI blog points out that apparently the entirety of published Elfquest is on-line. Since I don't know what to make of Elfquest these days -- it's been too long since I thought about that material -- the link takes you to FPI's concise appreciation.

* while I'm not certainly exactly what the video means and I can't get it to play, the post hosting the video provides links to a bunch of reviews of old Man-Thing comics, which is a comic book effort I suspect I remember more fondly than I might think of it were I to read a bunch of those comics now.

* Marketplace talks to a few cartoonists about the fate of newspaper comic strips. The answers are of the "what are you going to do?" variety you'd expect, although it's rare enough that someone talks to the cartoonists about this stuff the article is worth a peek. (thanks, Gil)

* not comics: Charles Yoakum provides a brief review of the 1973 ACBA portfolio, one of those project that loomed very large over the imagination of fans coming of age in the 1970s.

* finally, the new Philosophy Now will have a bunch of articles about comic books.
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