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June 7, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* the chef, writer and television host Anthony Bourdain has passed away. He was in recent years a contributor to a pair of DC/Vertigo comics in addition to his television work. That television work included a cultural viewpoint that included comics, including a memorable in-episode visit with Harvey Pekar. Bourdain apparently killed himself by hanging. He was 61.

* don't trust anyone selling you a comics show that is standing between the audience and the exit.

* it says something that an article like this can appear and we've almost been totally reconciled to this as a common activity: it's wrong for the talented Mohammad Sabaaneh to have his work confiscated at the border and for him to have been detained and it fails to become less wrong by repetition.

* finally: Justin Kaufmann talks to Nicole Hollander.
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