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June 9, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* our condolences to Seth on the passing of his father, John Henry Gallant: the cartoonist's lovely tribute can be found here.

* not comics: the popular writer Ta-Nahesi Coates went to the X-Men movie with his 10-year-old son and ruminates.

image* there's making a rash set of assumptions about someone's creative choices, there's making that set of assumptions concerning creative choices about an artist of Walt Simonson's caliber, and there's having Walt Simonson show up to respond in full. Me, I'd just stay home.

* this comic is quite fun-looking.

* pair of interesting interviews up at this week: Diana Schutz by Patrick Rosenkranz; Howard Cruse by Mike Dawson. Also at TCJ: Michael DeForge on gig posters.

* the Savage Critics roundtable on Paying For It continues here.

* Mike Lynch alerts us all to a nice-looking, self-published sketchbook from Chris Schweizer, as worth an "Off The Beaten Path" publication as I can imagine.

* the nice folks at Robot 6 have posts on two worthwhile publishing news stories that failed to find their way into the "Bundled" column yesterday, primarily for the general indolence of that column's author: 1) JK Parkin writes about a comic done by the original Vertigo-era Sandman team for the charity the Hero Initiative; 2) DC Comics has apparently canceled the Northlanders comic after 50 issues. I thought that Northlanders comic was entertaining whenever I picked it up, so that's too bad. At the same time, a smarter than usual viking comic book series making it to 50 issues is an achievement in this market or any resembling it.

* not comics: this wand-printer looks really cool. (via Dan Wright)

* now there's a headline that makes you want to read the article.

* the indispensable Chris Sims provides a history of all of DC Comics' reboots and relaunches. Some of them are not equal to the others. I'd never thought about the putting the initial smushing together of the various titles into a continuity with things like Crisis On Infinite Earths, but it seems to me after reading Sims' piece that of course that should be done.

* not comics: every time I read a review of First Class like this one I think Michael Fassbender would be really good as the lead in a Nexus movie, except there almost certainly won't be a Nexus movie.

* the writer and reviewer Don MacPherson checks in with a few Canadian retailers to see if the postal strike up there is going to have a drastic effect on their business.

* Tony Norman reviews 21, which make perfect sense as he's one of the great city of Pittsburgh's long-time writers about comics. I've always liked Tony Norman.

* it looks like the CF art sale went well enough that the material still available is only available at non-sale prices. That it went well is good to hear, of course.

* finally, the artist and cartoonist Joseph Lambert has opened up a shop devoted to his prints.
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