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June 11, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's the programming schedule for Heroes Con, and here's the Jeff Smith-related programming schedule for Heroes Con, including the interesting tidbit that there will be a screening of the recent documentary about Smith.

image* while I assume that we'll be reading several enthusiastic raves for David Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp release from Pantheon, I imagine that few of them will come from those spearheading a publishing line of their own.

* the writer Mark Evanier digs up a YouTube uploading of one of the better Stan Lee television interviews. I watched a bunch of these at one point, for like a day and a half straight, and I remember the two things I always found interesting was how Lee talked about material that he didn't develop, and how he dealt with semi-hostile or dismissive questions. I think we get the former here but not the latter.

* Warren Ellis on process.

* Souther Salazar on John Porcellino.

* I thought it had already been announced that Chip Kidd is writing some Batman comics. Probably not, though. Those could be fun.

* worst contest requirements ever.

* comics consumer advocate Johanna Draper Carlson suggests that maybe instead of fixing everything else about comics, people should try to do what they already do, just better.

* here's a couple of updates from people who know stuff I didn't. James Langdell writes in to say that the little artbooks mentioned by Dave McKean in a recent French-language comics industry interview are the same ones offered for sale by Allan Spiegel Fine Arts. Dave Knott says the Sleeper books a box of which Sean Phillips could be seen unloading are 12-issue collections from that series to replace the frequently out of print smaller editions that used to be offered. That's good news, especially for fans of Criminal that are now working their way backwards into like books by Ed Brubaker.

* finally, the cartoonist and prominent blogger Mike Lynch wonders after the question of how much due diligence should one do to make sure a gag is original. I never thought about this before, but it seems like this would be a huge concern if you were selling gags individually.
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