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June 11, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Oliver Sava on Jimmy Olsen #1. David Pepose on Jimmy Olsen #1.

* Andrea Morehead profiles Deon Parson.

* the New York Times has cut the political cartoonists it's been using in its international edition, because of a cartoon run by the publication from someone not one of those two cartoonists, a cartoon that was charged with sloppy anti-Semitism -- a point, incidentally, no one's cared to argue. My brain would explode if the poor performance of a supervisor supervising another person that made bad choices cost me my job. I hope that there is work out there to replace the work lost by those cartoonist. As far as not having cartooning, that's its own punishment -- cartoonishly a powerful tool and I'm not certain why in this day and age with so much riding on coverage you'd want to deny yourself that form of communication.

* go, look: Gary Panter's Crunch Fitness advertisement.

* by request extra: Dustin Harbin updates his smashed-face fundraiser here. That's slowed down considerably after the weekend, but that makes sense in terms of the news on something like that getting out pretty immediately now. I'm glad to hear he's healing up.

* finally: well, that's handsome-looking.
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