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June 12, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* not comics: sorry, I don't find a bunch of customers clamoring for product that best suits them interesting or admirable in any way. If there's a film out there from which someone can make money, it will likely be released. I don't think much of any of those weird, dour, dumb films and think the one that's supposedly compromised felt exactly like the others only with fewer crotch shots of Wonder Woman. It does feel like some of the cultural context here is about super-macho, violent-boys art winning the day, and comics proper has had enough of those notions to last a lifetime. Good night, Martha. You'll have your day when someone feels like cashing that check.

* Heidi MacDonald has a round-up of links with reaction to the NYT dropping its cartoon-making. It's interesting to me that some of the pushback is about humor and expression, which are values, sure, but to my mind in this case supplementary to enabling direct journalistic virtues of truth-telling. Comics can be really powerful when it comes to understanding things both as an exploratory tool and a contextual one. It's a shame to not have that if you can, and I prefer engagement and correction for a tool poorly used than abandonment. Easy for me to say, though, in application these are very delicate issues pressed up against even more delicate ones, wine glasses packed in lightbulbs; it's an exceedingly difficult thing.
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