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June 13, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* John Seven on Nod Away. RJ Casey on Night Air. Greg Hunter on Don't Come In Here. Todd Klein on Jacked #6, Doctor Fate #11 and Survivors' Club #6. Graham Johnstone on In A Glass Grotesquely.

* festivals extra: Heidi MacDonald writes at greater length about exhibitors at cons that sell Xeroxes and print-outs and sell them as if they were work created on their own. She folds in one man's attempt to make a hashtag-worthy conversation of this, and people that use giant tower banners. The idea of people selling print-outs or filtered print-outs as created art is ludicrous, and should be shut down immediately by any con or festival organizer that sees it at their show. You can't have people out there just ripping people off. As for giant banners, I prefer shows that don't feel desperate and cheap, and all the fancy and giant displays kind of feel that way to me. Always have. If it's in a show's rules not to have them, everyone has the right to expect they'll enforce the rules. This seems like really basic stuff, but sometimes we all have problems with the basics. As I said last time, if we can get this stuff out of the way, we eventually need to talk about the concept of drawing copyrighted characters, whether that's an overall good -- a much more difficult conversation.

* speaking of Heidi, I sort of disagree with this premise. Money's important but so is basic orientation. Most of the sites I see -- very much including my own right now -- fail spectacularly to do the job they're given and able to do. There's little reason to think if they had more money that that money would go to rigorous, sourced, contrarian journalism.

* finally, Keino Kammies talks to Zapiro.
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