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June 13, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* a collection of Al Burian's Burn Collector gets Tim Kreider thinking about 'zines. Also, how the heck did Kreider miss Burian in his '90s heyday?

* James Ardis on House Of The Black Spot. Jason Sacks on Doll.

* these comics still look amazing; glad to see them in print.

* Kim Jooha talks to Aarthi Parthasarathy.

* RC Harvey on Eric Stanton. RC was one of the big writers about comics when I worked at TCJ, and whatever holds his interest I want to hear his thoughts.

* Royston Robertson is a great cartoonist name, and a small show at a pub is an even greater cartoonist thing to do.

* by request extra: Dustin Harbin is just over $53K pledged on his face-smash ask, about a week in to his crowdfunding campaign. It seems to me slowing, but one or two sizable gifts pushes him within shouting distances of his goal, and that's not chicken scratch.

* finally: Jake Tapper on the New York Times dropping their remaining cartoonists.
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