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June 17, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer James Vance has returned to his series of posts on 1990s license farm Tekno with this piece on Mr. Hero.

image* it's... it's so beautiful.

* a politically conservative writer (I think) with a fundamentalist background defends Garry Trudeau by going all New Standard Version on the ADL. I'm not sure why I found this compelling. Okay, I actually know why, but I think some of you might find it interesting, too. Also, he's probably not using an NSV.

* now that's a celebrity endorsement.

* The Walrus profiles cover artist Joost Swarte.

* not comics: Count Dante link round-up.

* reading this article about how stores may under-order the forthcoming Wednesday Comics and that previous serialization and folds may have some vague effect on value is horribly, horribly depressing.

* the comic strip-focused blogger Michael Cavna asks: if you were the editor of the comics page in a newspaper with a comics page and a kids page, would you a) put Family Circus on the kids page, b) keep Family Circus on the comics page, c) spend every spare moment at work when your boss isn't staring directly at you not working on the Family Circus dilemma but looking for a university position on-line hoping you can score something, anything, before you're laid off. Okay, he really just wants you to decide between a and b.

* finally, I really liked this picture of Jed Kemsley accepting the National Cartoonists Society's Silver T-Square award on behalf of his late father, James. I don't know; it just seems nice.
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