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June 16, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on Andre The Giant. Andrew Colman on Daredevil: The Devil, Inside And Out. Paul Buhle on Doggy Style. Sean Gaffney on Umineko: When They Cry Vol. 10. Ginnis Tonic on Swords Of Sorrow #2. Andy Oliver on Hangover Farm

* lettering summit.

* over the weekend, Whit Taylor responded to the initial Rachel Dolezal news story.

* here's a report with photos of this year's Industry Day at Center For Cartoon Studies, including a return to campus for graduate Jen Vaughn.

* not comics: Chris Schweizer is back from exactly the kind of vacation one would image Chris Schweizer would take.

* Johnny Ryan, en Francais.

* Kiel Phegley talks to Tim Seeley. Reed Beebe talks to Paul Grist.

* there's a really appealing line of thinking in this Tom Bondurant post about DC continuity and the difficulties of writing characters like Batman and Superman, or at least one that leaps out at me. I like the idea that the longevity of these characters means that the differences and shifts have more weight and power than they might otherwise, or that they might when this artificially done.

* Chris Ryall shows off a pretty lovely primetime Miller/Janson piece of original illustraiton art.

* finally, Richard Sala celebrates 30 years of Night Moves. We'll all be dead soon.
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