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June 16, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* J. Caleb Mozzocco on the first burst of comics related to DC Comics' Rebirth initiative. Scott Cederlund on Hellboy In Hell #10.

* here's a piece on the Muhammad Ali/Superman comic book that gets a bit into its history as a publishing project. That's a fun comic.

* not comics: Bruce Canwell writes about Steve Canyon on the small screen.

* ten years later, both the interview subject and the interview are among the most important women in comics.

* foundational blogger and self-made retailer Mike Sterling writes about DC's stewardship of the Charlton superhero characters.

* Michael Cavna points out some of the more politically charged editorial cartoon to erupt in the hours the story broke.

* I always liked the original Adrian Chase/Vigilante costume: it looked like an adults version of a costume a 1980s teen might wear. As for the article itself, I guess there's a Green Arrow TV show.

* finally, here's a summary of DC's current "Rebirth" line initiative in terms of how it is having an effect on linewide storytelling and character elements. That might make a nice contrast with the Mozzocco article in terms of how that material is developing. Just skimming the article it doesn't seem a lot has changed on the artistic front with those comics. Of course, that's an idiotic point, even for me: it's not like people are going to learn to draw differently.
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