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June 19, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's good enough news to repeat it today after posting it as its own deal last night: not only did TCAF have a successful 2009 by their internal measures, they're going to have a show next year, 2010, to see if they like putting one on every year. For those of us that were totally chicken to travel this Spring because of vague economic anxiety and would love a chance to tromp around Toronto, this could even be said to be great news.

image* the retailer Mike Sterling answers my question about Watchmen and what I think we should call The Sterling Effect, a phenomenon the prolific blogger's frequently talked about in past posts where sales for a graphic novel peak before a movie is released and then drop precipitously soon afterward.

* by the way, I think we should call this phenomenon The Sterling Effect because a) Mike's the one who talked about it the most and I believe noticed it first, b) it sounds like a Sidney Lumet film and more things in comics should sound like Sidney Lumet films, and c) Mike knew exactly what I was talking about although provided very little context.

* are your cartoons being used without your permission?

* the FAMILY bookstore blog has some great pictures up of Robert Crumb reuniting with a long-lost cousin.

* you know, I linked to a Tekno Comix post from James Vance earlier this week, but I didn't wait for the astounding picture it features up top to load before I clicked away. Wow.

* finally, the Eisner Awards are moving to a new location for 2009 -- the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. The Eisners had been held for the last several years in a giant room at the convention center, which always felt to me a bit like those times when you were a kid and you'd go to an event held at your elementary school gym at night. I have fond memories of moving from the awards room to one of those ridiculously nice San Diego nighttime balconies with a bar nearby when the awards were previously held at a hotel, so this may afford the same opportunity.
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