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June 18, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Zach Worton on The Curse Of Charley Butters.

* there's rarely a better snapshot of the mainstream superhero comics industry than the twitter feed of a successful retailer. Count the number of Marvel-driven policies that either aren't really driving people to read for content or are simply kind of moving people to buy one such comic over another. Repeat ad infinitum.

* it's the comics-industry journalism cashed out club!

* not comics: preferred celebrity nerd-culture presenter of the last half-decade Chris Hardwick has lost gigs including high-profile San Diego moderator assignments after horrific accusations of abuse within a relationship surfaced, including about half dozen personal/professional crossover actions that even if you are the most staunch advocate of not getting involved in people's private lives would seem to be enough to walk away. The worst of the personal stuff is denied; almost none of the workplace crossover is even engaged. This is wider awfulness and doesn't really hit on the comics community as directly as some other, similar, stories, although I'm interested in the notion of these moderation gigs as perks and that companies would take them away from someone accused of awful things. I believe one way to reduce the number of awful actions and awful actors is to seek appropriate censuring action from multiple institutions involved.

* finally: Robin McConnell talks to Max Clotfelter.
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