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June 22, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the great Chester Brown's very fine comics work Louis Riel made the Toronto Star's top ten books of the decade. The Toronto Star has made this site's "publications who do their lists too damn early" list.

* at the risk of sounding like an old man, comments like this can't be all that great a sign for the general health of comics buying. Funny, though.

image* there have almost certainly been interviews with Chris Wright of Inkweed before now, but I can't remember one. This one at a site called Exquisite Things is long and involved and would be a nice complement to any that exist, I'm sure.

* not comics: as of now, I'm officially unable to tell if newspaper pundits are completely clueless or the industry they serve is just that far behind the times. With all the focus on on-line solutions, a significant consideration of voluntary is just now happening, or at least is a new enough subject so that people can write about it? How is that possible?

* this is a nice story about John Broome.

* the infrequent blogger Paul Karasik provides comics-related tips on reading a great artist's work in a beautiful cathedral.

* the prominent retailer Brian Hibbs analyzes the recent Marvel single-issue promotion of note.

* finally, the very funny Shaenon Garrity describes the very not-funny state of the modern comics message board. She notes that at one point a few years back I was apparently writing about Aaron Sorkin shows on one of Warren Ellis' message boards, which is further proof that for several months mid-decade my usual dark cloak of depression became a full-bore wackadoo three-piece suit.
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