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June 23, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* seventeen decade-old institution of higher learning Boston University is adding a religion and comics collection to its library. Go Terriers.

image* the cartoonist Laura Park will draw for you. Park is one of the cartoonist/illustrators that has likely been most hit by the contraction in the market with publications like Nickelodeon heading for the stone nap. She's also very talented, and I imagine that commissioned work from her would look swell.

* the AAEC posted something like 20 articles over the weekend. I'm sure some of them are important articles, and when I can find an extra 90 minutes to devote to a single web site, I'll let you know what's in there. I figure I shouldn't keep you from the task yourself, if you're so inclined.

* I don't usually draw attention to sales, but the recently-discounted Fantagraphics Bill Mauldin collection is an astounding book, and there are some truly heroic aspects to Mauldin's long-career including the work in this volume.

* is it wrong that my first reaction when I heard about a Penthouse article on hooking up at comics conventions was that this was going to lead to a lot of people talking about their sexual experiences at cons and I'd rather set my forearms on fire than read that kind of thing?

* here's an interesting article describing feedback to a Don Wright cartoon used by one of his syndication clients. One of the little-discussed reasons why editorial cartooning is in decline is because as a culture we are less able to process strong opinion-making, to the extent that some folks don't even want to see it in their papers, let alone use it to kick-start dialogue.

* finally, I'm always happy when people profile Ed Piskor -- he's an interesting young cartoonist -- and I'm doubly happy when it's Tony Norman doing the profiling. He was a really nice guy that kind of stepped away from writing about comics right when I came on board at The Comics Journal in the mid-1990s.
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