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June 24, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to the Kochmans.

* you should want to take a comics class from Frank Santoro. I want to, but you should really want to.

imageAndrew Wheeler talks about the Longbox digital effort in terms of how it might serve certain appetites for comics consumption. I'm not sure I have the same experience he does. For instance, my personal interaction with mainstream comics is pretty sweet right now. I don't read them when they come out, I pay some slight attention to what rises to the top in terms of people liking whatever series or run, that series or run ends, and then maybe six months after the fact I start buying those comics in big chunks in local retailers' dollar boxes and/or through an on-line retailer in order to get whatever it is that I really want over the free shipping price point. In other words, I already get 95 percent of everything I want from those companies for $1 an issue. That's not to say a lot of people share my approach, but it may be that there are a lot of different approaches out there. I'm going to have to think about this a whole lot before I have a coherent opinion to share, but I suspect we're going to learn a whole lot about how people relate to comics, how it's assumed they relate to comics, and how they'd like to relate to comics as digital solutions begin to muscle in.

* related: I have yet to read this long analysis at iFanboy, but there it is.

* so there's an Eisner Awards iPhone app that will tell you about the Eisner Award nominees. Because it will update after the Awards with winners, it's also, I'm guessing, something for people that want to know the results of the Eisners before noon on Saturday or whenever the sites update that don't want to track it down on Twitter or whatever. It wasn't so long ago that people found out about this stuff a week after the fact, or if you were a Journal-only reader, two and a half months after the fact. I'm not sure instantaneous knowledge of comics stuff is an absolute necessity, or even adds all that much to the overall experience, but it's not like things are going to change back if I get all Abe Simpson about it.

* comic-cons and sex: two great tastes that taste great... wait, no, those things taste awful together.

* the writer Kristy Valenti comments on the ways that going to CCI is like going to High School. I was drunker in high school and had more discretionary income, but everyone's experience is different.

* finally, a bit of not comics: does the lack of a print newspaper on a specific day really mean that an on-line newspaper has to bridge the gap between the two days? This seems to me a fairly crazy way to look at it. Would anyone really want a daily paper that switches media as opposed to a not-daily newspaper that really kicks ass at its chosen mission?
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